Exit The Ordinary

Experts in
Chemistry, Material Engineering
and High Performance.

An Encounter Of The Material Kind.

Pure performance starts with Materiales. Our value as a partner comes from our ability to understand the needs of every manufacturing industry when it comes to materials and chemistry.

With years of expertise, an impressive breadth of experience and plenty of passion, our experts deliver results that shape the future of materials and open up a wealth of new opportunities. We analyze, develop and advise – this is how innovation happens.

Something You’ll Be Pleased About

Nine Benefits – Nine Advantages.

As a chemical and engineering company specializing in research and development, our strengths are reflected in a variety of unique advantages for you, tailored to your wishes and needs:
  • SuperSpeed
    Our service means superior speed: Materiales provides the agreed services quickly, precisely and efficiently – just as you would expect from a customized service.
  • AbsoluteReliability
    Materiales attaches great importance to commitment, because we know that we can rely on each other.
  • MaximumPrecision
    Maximum precision is required in the high-performance segment. Our guiding principle is: 1. understand your problem, 2. analyze possible solutions, 3. develop a concept, 4. implement the concept.
  • MaximumSafety
    Materiales excels in chemistry and materials technology. When it comes to quality and legal matters, our support service offers certainty you can rely on, to minimize risks for all customers.
  • VisionaryFuture
    The future comes from new ways of thinking: We research, develop and test with technical excellence to make sure that your vision has a future.
  • ClearCost Saving
    Goal-oriented development and advice focus on efficiency and effectiveness. With Materiales there is no wasted effort and your sales are optimized.
  • TirelessPioneering Spirit
    Thinking out of the box: Backed by the innovative spirit of Materiales, you can secure your competitive advantage. Because there aren’t enough pioneers like you in the world.
  • TrueLeaders in Knowledge
    With our specialized and niche knowledge in chemistry and materials technology, we help you lead the way in knowledge and gain an edge on the market.
  • SustainableBusiness Relations
    Reliability and trust are the decisive factors for a successful partnership: we are there for you every step of the way! Honest. Reliable. Personal.

Progress requires the tireless will to develop further.

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