Experienced. Successful. Hungry.

We always go one step further to reach new innovative heights.

What It Means To Be Exceptional.

At Materiales, we don’t think in terms of difficulties: we have the courage to move away from the usual and predictable way of understanding material.

Our understanding of complexity, our ability to think outside the box and look ahead to the future, and the pioneering spirit of our company open up brand new perspectives.

Results, the future of material and more.

Materiales is facing up to today’s big global issues and the challenging times we live in. You can find out how much we are tapping into the potential that progress can offer in our blog, which is full of exciting content.

Stay curious to break new ground.

We love complexity, materials and science. That is in our DNA. Curiosity and willingness to use specific methods and technologies in order to harness ideas and expertise to create a new reality: this is what defines us. We stand for creativity in problem solving and visionary solutions. Once you have experienced the enthusiasm and commitment that comes with all the advice we give, you will see why we are such a valued specialist and service provider. After all, we measure everything against your requirements and wishes – and against the goals we set ourselves.

Bringing the benefits of sophisticated technology to customers and products.

You need to understand the source if you want to control the whole flow. The 360° understanding of materials and chemistry that underpins the special expertise of Materiales enables us not only to meet our customers requirements, but even to exceed them and to discover innovative solutions to their problems. Holistic. Sophisticated. Modern. We provide product and customer security for mutual success – a unique power that gives you the edge on the market. Our interdisciplinary approach at the interface between chemistry, materials and engineering minimises risks, saves costs and offers all the advantages of a strong, reliable, experienced and, above all, pioneering partner. Choose the best: Materiales.

Don’t miss any opportunities to create added value.

Ever since the company was founded by Dr Fabian Schüler in 2019, we have been developing systematic solutions to elevate the excellence of your products. There would be no Materiales without you. Without your desire to stay at the cutting edge of knowledge and ahead of the competition. Without your need for speed, reliability, pioneering spirit and precise, reliable, tailored solutions. This philosophy lies at the heart of every project – always tuned precisely to reflect your market requirements. We do everything we can to broaden our horizons and redefine the extraordinary every day. We want to achieve more for our customers!

Precision in the nanoscale.

Nowadays, precision means high performance, as the demands of industry and research on materials for innovative products are constantly increasing. This is where Materiales comes in as a unique catalyst for progress: for us, this means understanding materials and their behaviour at the smallest level, right down to the nanoscale. With quality and innovation at the forefront of our approach, we get to the bottom of problems, optimize processes in a structured and targeted manner and develop better products for you. Our customers are demanding – and so are we.

Progress means constantly deepening our knowledge and expertise.

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