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Our pioneering spirit epitomizes all our values when it comes to new ways of thinking and doing. Because when there are tough challenges to overcome, the specialized materials knowledge of Materiales is the key. 

40,000 metallic and non-metallic materials – and we’ve got them covered.

One of the most important guiding principles for Materiales is rejecting the idea of impossibility. We know how to target specific material properties, especially for customized material designs. We combine the chemical structure with the relevant properties for the application at hand, as well as providing expert advice on how to manufacture components economically and develop processes, helping you to determine what is feasible and what is not. Our mix of in-depth expertise, structured processes, boundless imagination and constant curiosity is the formula for creativity in solving problems and finding solutions.

  • Material Selection
  • Manufacturing
  • Testing
  • Material Engineering
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Process Engineering
  • Quality Assurance

Focused on fine detail. Driven by performance.

Our performance is reflected in modelling and simulations of a wide range of application situations: we use special equipment to determine exact material data and carry out high-precision measurements to order.

We use suitable tests to determine reliable information about the service life of materials and components, which represent an important methodology for risk management. In addition to classic material properties, we also specialize in material cleanliness for cleanroom and vacuum applications in order to guarantee the desired product or process results. We provide you with targeted advice on contamination control and also have suitable methods for assessing material cleanliness.

Our in-house tests according to standard or customer requirements.

We can create test specifications for you – and develop methods too!
  • Unrivalled diversity: the DMA
    The viscoelastic properties of a material can now be measured with the utmost precision thanks to dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA).

    We use DMA to determine the frequency-dependent behaviour of polymer materials with unparalleled precision. The results make a valuable contribution to numerous applications, such as the development of ultra-fine vibration dampers. We use an innovative in-house development to determine temperature- and frequency-dependent Poissons ratios. Creep and relaxation tests or glass point determinations are also part of our standard service.

  • Go with the flow: rheology
    Measuring the viscosity and flow behaviour of complex liquids and various polymer materials is an essential task.

    Rheology can be used to analyse the consistency, viscosity and elasticity of lubricants, paints, dispersions or coatings, for instance. Here are just a few examples:

    • Curing behaviour of adhesives or thermosets
    • Vulcanization process of elastomers
    • Behaviour of lubricants under close to real-life conditions or evaluation of the ageing of lubricants in operation
    • Flow behavior of polymers for the design of injection molding processes
    • Long-term stability of dispersions, e.g. operating materials, cosmetics and foodstuffs
  • On the tribological test bench
    In tribology, moving surfaces acting on each other are analyzed for friction and wear.

    We carry out contract measurements with standardised test geometries using our own equipment, for applications such as:

    • material preselection for a development project
    • comparative basic analyses of lubricants
    • assessing the compatibility of material combinations
    • evaluating particle formation in the area of contamination control

    We will advise you on further investigations and coordinate tests via our network of partners and specialists.

  • The definition of material cleanliness
    Materiales ensures clean and constant conditions: with intelligent solutions for your cleanroom requirements.

    Our test laboratory evaluates particle formation, outgassing, cleanability, chemical resistance and electrostatic discharge in accordance with VDI 2083. Our qualification services include expert advice and support for cleanliness-focused analyses of material composition and the presence of trace elements. We use our expertise to support you in contamination control for maximum component cleanliness and excellent results.

  • At home in the high-performance segment: other methods
    Materiales is equipped for the future and ready to face the constant stream of new challenges and issues on the global market.

    If the goal is complete customer satisfaction, there is no room for compromise. That is why we are constantly expanding our range of highly specialized tests and state-of-the-art testing and analysis methods. We are happy to provide you with comprehensive, expert advice with the panoramic vision and professional expertise of a specialist.

    • Tests for the validation of lubricants according to ASTM/DIN
    • Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) in air, under nitrogen, in a vacuum
    • Corrosion analyses

We simulate modern material models with precision.

As a service-oriented developer, we have our finger on the pulse of progress in material engineering. Computer-aided simulations such as FEM (finite element analysis) enable detailed predictions of real component behaviour. We convert material parameters into material models to support the development and enhance the performance capability of products and designs – especially for complex and delicate applications. This allows you to identify material behaviour, optimize component design and weight at an early stage and save time and money when it comes to testing.

Progress is what we redefine every day.

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