In-Depth Understanding
of chemical complexity

What at first seems impossible,
is redefined with Materiales.

The World Of Possibility – And You’re At The Center.

If the chemistry is right, new worlds can be opened up all along the value chain.

Efficient 360° solutions to the problems you face.

Virtually all manufacturing companies have a need for chemical expertise. This includes questions such as: „Are there cheaper or more sustainable alternatives for raw materials?“ „What sets my products apart from the competition?“ „What do I need to focus on to improve the performance of my product?“ „How can I eliminate quality fluctuations in the manufacturing process?“ „What is the cause of customer complaints?“ and so on. We have the practical experience to answer these questions!

The incredible variety of elements, compounds and molecules, which all behave and react differently, results in a huge field of applications and possibilities, as well as a wide array of legal obligations and overarching technical conditions. With our 360° Chemistry concept, we take a systematic approach to giving you the advice you need.

Use our research & development as an innovation driver for your projects!
  1. Background/requirements – „performance specification“

    Background/requirements – „performance specification“

    It all starts with a deep understanding of your problem. That’s why we delve deep into the subject matter to find out what you want from a product and what your goals are.
    • Understand the facts
    • Identify the general conditions
    • Define the requirements
  2. Comprehensive analysis – in-depth information

    Comprehensive analysis – in-depth information

    Here, we focus on the systematic investigation and identification of materials with initial ideas for possible approaches.
    • Gather the necessary information
    • Describe the solution space
    • List, compare and evaluate different solutions
  3. Development of solution concept – „functional specification“

    Development of solution concept – „functional specification“

    The central source document is defined – with a concrete description of how Materiales plans to precisely fulfil all requirements.
    • Formulate a hypothesis
    • Structured development of a solution concept
    • Implementation planning
  4. Problem solving with a smooth project workflow

    Problem solving with a smooth project workflow

    The foundation for a successful project is the high quality of the Materiales project management concept, which is organized and structured for smart and solid results.
    • Coordination of planned activities
    • Evaluation and interpretation of the results
    • Validation

Good advice makes great chemistry.

Our team of experts are on hand to help with all your chemistry concerns, from carrying out analytical tests and supporting your internal hazardous substance management to developing customized measurement and test methods or specific staff training courses. Materiales is there for you: as a consultant, interim employee/specialist or project manager – no matter whether the task at hand is a small job or a complex project. Together with our experienced Six Sigma specialists as co-operation partners, we improve the quality of your workflows and processes from development to production.

We put ourselves to work for you!

We have a deep understanding of chemical complexity. This makes our analytical tools the best and most efficient way to solve your specific problem.

We are also niche specialists and understand product properties down to the smallest detail. When it comes to developing customised formulations or modifying or refining existing products, we are the experts you need. We specialize in high-quality and high-specification products, and we can also handle processes and production in very small quantities for you.

Leave the dangers behind – we know how.

Safety first: We can advise on all regulatory issues relating to hazardous substances and chemical legislation (EU + non-EU), including assessment, handling of protective equipment, operating instructions and support for registration processes.

An important component of sustainable products is the fulfilment of applicable material compliance requirements (REACH, RoHS, etc.), which we can take care of for our customers. We create legally compliant safety data sheets in EU and non-EU languages, tailored to meet the local regulatory requirements.

A new era: our lab services for your ideas.

Inventors. Pioneers. Visionaries. They are all found at the home of specialised knowledge: Materiales. Our laboratory is a catalyst for innovation. We have mastered the established standards, but our true passion is using a customised approach to get the most out of developments and test methods.

Perfect for SMEs – the innovation drivers of tomorrow. Modification. Evolution. Revolution – it’s up to you. With us.

Progress is not a destination where we will arrive at some point.

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